No Time to Eat? Another Diet For Career Women

Published: 07th May 2009
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It is very difficult to keep a good shape if a job does not leave any free minute for taking care of it. Every day working women promise to start eating right and take up sports, but in the run of the day they seem to notice no time for all the good goals. Usually in the mornings many women do not want to eat, rather sleep. So, they drink coffee. In the afternoon such women hardly find 10 minutes for a lunch which usually ends up in a coffee house or in front of the computer with a snack nearby. Situation does not change in the evening: dietitians recommend having a dinner at 6pm, but career women still work at this time and eat whatever they find late evening. It means there is no eating system, no proper diet. So what's to be done in order not to gain weight with such a working schedule?

Main tips and recommendations:

Do not skip breakfast in the morning; however, do not eat too much either. Yogurt, cornflakes, a glass of milk is fine enough. In a couple of hours you can have another breakfast portion again, for example tea with some cookies, flakes, a sandwich, salad.

For a lunch it is recommended to have eggs (which stimulate memory), lean meat or fish. It is best to avoid bread and pasta because they affect the brain in a relaxing way and stimulate sleepiness.

For a dinner or supper time dietitians allow eating whatever one likes: pasta, meat, salad, vegetables and so on. Most important-eat moderately!

Eat lots of fruits! They have vitamins, antioxidants, fibers. It is recommended to eat fruits half an hour before the meal (that is the time necessary for digesting) or 3-4 hours after it. Breakfast full of fruits is the best one can have! Besides, since there is a huge range of fruits, it is always easy to choose different ones for breakfast. However, there are some warnings. What to eat?

Apples: British say "One apple per day-a life without doctors!" A normal sized apple has 60-100 calories. Apples have cellular tissues, pectin, folic acid, antioxidants, which reduce the amount of the "bad" cholesterol in the blood.

Persimmon: Chinese say „Heavy orange fruits give solar energy. They cure the heart and stimulate memory". Persimmon is a diet fruit which tones up, stimulates urine, calms down the nerve system, and increases the working capacity, which is important for career women. Persimmon contains lots of potassium, magnesium, natrium and cellular tissues twice as much as there are in apples.

Citrus fruits: contains lots of vitamin C covered with a thick peel. Oranges and mandarins have more than 170 necessary vitamins and material that strengthen the immune system, preventing the tumors. Grapefruits can even help to lose some weight.

Kiwi: this fruit can satisfy all the organism demand for vitamin C. Kiwi contains potassium, calcium, iron. A famous French dietitian Michelle Montiniaque recommends starting a day with a kiwi.

Mango: they contain practically all the necessary vitamins, especially vitamin C (more than a lemon).

Avocados: valuated for vitamins A, D, E and potassium, phosphorus, natrium. Avocados are the biggest enemy of cholesterol. However, Spanish say „avocado is the butter in the case", because they are very calorific-227 kcal/100g which is three times less than in butter, but even 4.5 times more than in apples.

Bananas: the most calorific fruit of them all.

Grapes: contain lots of sugar.

For better health, experts recommend both-a healthy diet and physical activity. Finding ways to fit exercise into your daily routine is easier than you may think.

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