About Relationship-He’s Indifferent to Me…Does He Love Me? /Wall of Indifference

Published: 24th July 2009
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Indifference has many different faces. We talked about attack of indifference and situation that he doesn't react...Today we'll talk about wall of indifference.

Wall of indifference

There are people who live surrounded by their defensive fortress called "ME MYSELF AND I". And beyond this wall there live all the others, including the closest and beloved people. For people like this, indifference seems the best position in life, while emotional sensitivity is just a silly sentiment. If your partner acts like this and you are far from this, ask yourself why the heck you are with him in the first place. OK, love ways are unknown...

So what to do? The reason why your partner is such an indifferent person lies in his early childhood: maybe some trauma or most usually his parent's behavior influenced his nature. One thing is certain-it is extremely hard to break this wall of his. Sometimes the life itself and some deep shocks break the wall and frees your partner. Sometimes, all though very rarely, you as a very loving partner can wake emotions in such a man, but it is a long and hard work. This is kind of a psychological matter that you have to deal with. If you are still willing to spend all your life with such a man but don't want to become an iceberg yourself, it is essential to feel your man is at least showing some will to change and free himself from his shell of indifference. Otherwise living with him will be a constant emotional self-hurting.

So close, so distant

There were times you both cared for each other's feelings and thoughts, dreams and interests. But in time this interest quieted down and you both don't feel the need to care too much about your partner-you feel like you already know everything about your partner, his sensitivity. You feel like you've been disappointed enough, hoping too much to be understood, consoled, appreciated. You got used to your partner's little doses of sensitivity and, unfortunately, you turned empathic as well. However, you know clearly you want a different relationship.

What to do? Advices like "become more sensitive and more interested in each other" sound logical and correct, but hardly adaptable in reality. The old patterns of behavior make obstacle towards it. Start from the other point. One of the ways to revive your relationship is to remember what you both liked to do together when your relationship was flourishing. Write down a list of those things and DO! Maybe it is a trip, movie watching all night or a poker game, but it might draw you back together and create new discussions during which you might sincerely look at each other in a new light and fall in love again with your partner's personality.

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