About Relationship-Hes Indifferent to Me Does He Love Me?

Published: 17th July 2009
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Indifference hurts, especially when it is your beloved person that backs up in silence. This kind of coldness and silence hurts badly. You better have him yelling at you and spilling all the words out expressing his emotions. You keep asking yourself: "Why is he acting like that? Is there anything I need to worry about? Maybe it's a sign he doesn't love me?"

Indifference has many different faces. I will cover some of them. Maybe this will help you to understand what's hidden behind this mask of indifference and you'll know what to do. I will address women in this article, because it is them who face this problem more often. However, it doesn't mean men shouldn't worry about the issue of indifference, therefore they should find some practical tips, too.

Attacks of indifference
The conflict between you and your husband reaches its peak, yet he takes off to another room and starts reading a book or as usual watch TV. He doesn't react to your tears, reproaches or words as if you don't speak at all. This goes on for the whole evening or even a week. But eventually you both have to solve this conflict and make up. However, once you start complaining about him being indifferent he replies: "But I didn't say or do anything bad to you".

You would be surprise to know that indifference is considered one of the forms of aggression. In the given example your partner isn't acting indifferent in the whole situation. He becomes indifferent when the conflict really burns out to its highest level and your partner becomes overwhelmed with anger, which you might not predict from his actions. He fights with indifference as long as he is angry with you. This kind of aggression hurts more than a raised voice or a bad word. One thing is to withdraw, read a book, calm down and pull yourself in so that you could get back to conversation, and another thing is to act indifferent intentionally, not to react to your partner's feelings and thus punish her this way.

What to do? A person with attacks of indifference should understand that this indifference is really nothing but sort of aggression for which he is responsible just like for any other emotional attack. If you face this indifference, you should stop pouring accusations like "how can you treat me like this?" Rather thin: "OK, he is hurting me this way because he feels anger and this is how he expresses it. I too feel anger. What should I do it?" Once you define your feelings and emotions, you will know how to control them. In this case it is better to withdraw yourself and get back to solving the problem and conflict when you feel emotions chilled out and you can again think and talk rationally.

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